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TGNSA Charter (We Find)

Let us be the barrier to Good News. We will find the best candidate while you focus on the other important aspect of your business. We will save you time and money by weeding through hundreds of resumes, only interviewing qualified candidates, and selecting the best fit. Eight weeks of service with TGNSA is required for eligible hire.

Leasing a Home


Property Manager- $40

Assistant Property Manager- $30

Leasing Agent- $27

Receptionist- $24


Lead Maintenance Technician- $38

Maintenance Tech with Certification- $34

Make Ready/Ticket Runner- $26

Groundskeeper- $24

Heater Check
Grocery Store Staff


Stocker- $26

Assistant Manager- $30

Cashier- $20


Cooks- $23

Hostess- $22

Bussers- $22

Assistant Manager- $30

Professional Chefs
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